Manual for approval in Proceedo 9.0.


Proceedo is a cloud-based system for electronic orders and invoices.

This manual is aimed at you who authorize the financial transactions. In proceedo this is referred to as Approval. The manual describes the activities that you will perform and be responsible for in Proceedo.

The approver is the person authorized to approve orders and finalize invoices in Proceedo.


The approver is present in both order and invoice flow:


The order flow*: 

884 bestallningsflode_2.PNG


The invoice flow:

884 fakturaflodet.PNG


These people / roles are involved in the flows:


  • The purchaser (only in the order flow) creates a requisition as a shopping cart with items and sets instructions for delivery, accounting values etc for the requisition.
  • The financial administrator checks and adjusts the accounting of the requisition in the order flow, and performs the accounting for the invoices in the invoice flow.
  • The approver approves the requisition and the invoice in each flow. When a requisition is approved, an order will be sent to the supplier and after approval of an invoice, the payment will be sent to the bank.
  • The purchaser (only in the order flow) confirms delivery when the goods has arrived or the service has been performed.
  • The invoice reviewer (only in the invoice flow) is the person who made the order and checks that the invoice is in accordance with order, delivery and price, as well as specifying cost center, project and what the purchase concerns. 


* Orders that only contain items that are office supplies and cleaning products will in some instances go directly for final approval upon ordering. That is they are not processed by a financial administrator.