Manual for ordering in Proceedo 9.0.

Proceedo is a cloud system for electronic orders and invoices.
In this manual you will learn how to put an order to a supplier and register the delivery when it comes and how orders can be followed up in the system.

The principal rule is that all orders shall be made in Proceedo, when possible. Valid exceptions are described at our web site, see Hur man gör en beställning. 

This is the order flow in Proceedo: 



  • The purchaser creates a requisition in form of a shopping cart with items and sets instructions for delivery, accounting values etc for the requisition,
  • The financial administrator checks and adjusts the accounting information (primarily the account)
  • The approver approves the requisition and the order is sent to the supplier
  • The purchaser makes a delivery registration when the items has arrived (or the ordered service is completed)


In some cases, requisitions will go directly to the approver without passing the financial administrator: Requisitions that only contain items concerning office supplies or cleaning products will go directly for final approval when the requisition is sent, i.e. they will not pass the financial administrator.