Manual for reviewing invoices in Proceedo

Proceedo is a cloud system for electronic orders and invoices.


This manual is aimed at you who is an invoice reviewer. In this manual, you will learn how to review an invoice in Proceedo, e.g. how to accept an invoice, write a comment and add an attachment. You will also learn how to forward the invoice to another reviewer without accepting the invoice.


The invoice reviewer is the one who made the order and receives the invoice when it arrive to SLU.



SLU:s normal invoice flow, the invoice reviewer is framed:


Invoiceflow with a frame_2.PNG 


  • The invoice reviewer (the purchaser) verifies that the invoice is consistent with order, delivery and price as well as specifying cost center, project and what the purchase concerns.

  • The financial administrator specifies the cost account, may adjust any other accounting, and performs checks to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

  • The approver approves (authorizes) the invoice and takes the financial responsibility for the transaction. Payment will then be sent to the bank.


If the order was made in Proceedo, the cost is already posted and approved. When the invoice arrives, it will therefore be sent for payment directly, provided that the delivery confirmation is made and the invoice is in accordance with order, price and delivery. In these cases, the purchaser will never receive and review the invoice for the purchase. If the conditions for direct payment are not met, the invoice will be sent to the purchaser for review.